Train Your Dog to Be a Service Dog

Service dogs have been trained to perform specific tasks for disabled individuals. If you have a physical disability, you can have a trained and registered service dog with you at all times to help you. Following are some different ways you can train your dog:  Service Dog Training:  Train your dog to be a service dog by doing the following activities:  Establish Yourself as a Pack Leader:  In order to train your dog, you must establish yourself as the pack leader. [Read More]

3 Tips For Staying Safe In Your Wheelchair In Winter Weather

If you have to use a wheelchair this winter to get around, here are three tips that will help you stay safe in your wheelchair, especially if you live somewhere where it is snowy and icy during the winter time.  #1 Inspect All Ramps Before you take your wheelchair up a ramp, give it a quick visual inspection. If the ramp is covered in snow that has not been shoveled off, or if the ramp is covered in ice, it may not be a smart idea to take your wheelchair up the ramp. [Read More]