The Dizzying Process Of Disability: What Applicants Should Know

Train Your Dog to Be a Service Dog

Service dogs have been trained to perform specific tasks for disabled individuals. If you have a physical disability, you can have a trained and registered service dog with you at all times to help you. Following are some different ways you can train your dog: 

Service Dog Training:  Train your dog to be a service dog by doing the following activities: 

  • Establish Yourself as a Pack Leader:  In order to train your dog, you must establish yourself as the pack leader. Talk to your dog calmly and reward him for listening to you and responding correctly. You can reward your dog with an affectionate pat and a dog treat. Never punish your dog as that will only instill fear in him and will not help you to train him.
  • Teach Your Dog Basic Commands:  You can teach your dog to sit, stay, rest on the ground, stand, heel, fetch, and other commands. You can also teach your dog commands like open the door, fetch your cell phone, and bark on command. These commands are taught by repetition and by showing your dog exactly what you want him to do. Reward your dog with a dog treat whenever he correctly responds to your command. 
  • Take Your Dog to Dog Training School:  Take your dog to a good trainer to help you train your dog to do complex tasks. This is an important activity, especially if you are training your dog to be a service dog. Discuss your particular needs with your dog trainer and he or she will help you to train your dog appropriately.

Voice Command Training:  When training your dog to obey voice commands, always use the same words to communicate the tasks you want your dog to perform. Look directly at your dog when you give him a command and make sure that he is not distracted. If necessary, touch your dog lightly on the head to get his undivided attention and then give him a command. 

Clicker Training:  When training your dog, you can use a clicker to alert your dog that he has responded correctly to one of your commands. Immediately after using the clicker, reward your dog with a dog treat. With time and training, your dog will want to respond correctly to your commands so that he can hear the clicker and get a treat. 

Hand Signal Training:  Your dog can also be trained to respond your hand signals. Hold your index finger up in front of your dog's face to get his attention and then say your command as you give your dog a specific hand signal. To get your dog to sit, hold a treat in your hand near your dog's nose and move your hand up to the top of his head to get him to look up and sit down. To get your dog to rest on the ground, hold a treat in your hand and lower your hand from your dog's nose to the ground. 

Service Dog Registration:  After training, you can register your trained service dog with the United States Dog Registry. Once registered, a service dog will be issued a certificate of registration, an identification card, and a service dog tag. You can also get your dog a vest that clearly identifies him as a working service dog. 

If you'd like your dog to become a certified service dog, begin training at home, and then take him to dog training school. Soon, you will have a devoted service dog that will want to please you and be with you all of the time. Click here for more information and get started.